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BOLT is a GRN Ubercharged Scout Freak created by Fancymann.

Creator Fancymann
Creation 9/23/2015
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Erratic
Fighting style Close to Mid-Range
Abilities Electric Ball

Electric Force Feild Super Form

Weaknesses Backfiring


Status Alive
Occupation Stealing Electricity
Allies Anyone
Enemies Anyone


BOLT is a GRN Ubercharged Scout with 2 Orbiting electricity balls.

Personality and Behavior

BOLT is very erratic, he can choose to fight or make freinds with someone at random.

Weapons and Powers

BOLT carries a green Ubercharged Sticky Bomb that he can use for electricity shocks, electricity nets, and also very effective against sentries.The 2 orbiting electric balls act as a forcefield.

He can also suck energy from electric appliances/sources to make himself stronger and, if given enough, can change into his Maximum Uberzack, making him 1/2 larger than before, increasing muscle span, and an enlarged head.His normal abilities get buffed, and he can change any weapon (if large enough) to a green Ubercharged version.

Faults and Weaknesses

If given too much electricity, he can combust.

He can be drained of his electricity if his attacks are reflected or backfire.


  • If his electricity is drained, he will change gender.
  • Water will not effect bolt or anything surrounding him.
  • If near a camera or computer, the screens will go static.