"I am Engineer Heavy! And I am credit to team!"

- Engineer Heavy introducing himself to his fellow BLU team-mates

Engineer Heavy is a incredibly intelligent BLU Heavy freak that has qualities of both the Heavy and Engineer classes.

He was the first freak to be created by DangerousArmyGuy.

Appearance and Personality

Engineer Heavy's appearance takes most traights from other BLU Heavies, but is seen wearing a Aperture Labs Hard Hat with it's style set to Aperture Logo and painted with the BLU version of Balacaves are Forever, a One-Man Army under his hard hat and is partially visible under his hat, two Engineer gloves over his hands and are the same size as a standard Heavy's hands, a Mercenary Badge to show that he's a mercenary that has been fighting for some time, and a pair of Engineer overalls with pads and boots included.

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