Exescoutor by nomnom09-d6yy5wm
Creator WitchyGMod
Creation 2014 - 2015
Type Psychopath
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Murderous
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Superhuman Strength
Rage Mode
Status Alive
Occupation Murderous Psychopath
Allies Team Killer
Enemies Devil Witchy
Psycho FemScout

Exescoutor is a demonic masked BLU Scout killer that has recent encounters with infamous Team Killer


Exescoutor was originally a default BLU Scout, He had a very talented dad. One day they would go a Restraunt. But something happened. There was no Cashiers, The Dad called out Hello and a masked person appeared and stabbed Exescoutors dad. Exescoutor was brave and rammed into the masked person. He grabbed the Mask and ripped it off. He couldn't finish the Masked person off, he had to save his father. But it was too late he had already bled out. Exescoutor was filled with Rage and Sadness. He grabbed a Kitchen Knife off the table and brutally stabbed the Masked person. After finishing him off Exescoutor had blood all over him. He grabbed a BLU Hoodie and the Mask and ran off into the Darkness. To this day he murders all BLU and RED teams. If you see this person please call Builders League United.

Behavior and Personality

Exescoutor is a lone killer but has had recent encounters with Team Killer, Exescoutor will not hurt other Killers if one of the Killers attacks him Exescoutor will get out a Melee weapon and kill the Killer. Exescoutor will stand in a 1 position, after 3 seconds he will then run at you like some Poltergeist. He will then tackle you to the ground and start rapidly stabbing you until your finished off.


Exescout wears a BLU Hoodie and a Haunted Face Plante

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