Fail Soldier is a BLU Soldier freak created by YouTube user: MasMustacheo.

His theme is the 1812 Overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Fail Soldier
Creator MasMustacheo
Creation May 29th, 2015
Type Near-Normal
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Determined
Fighting style Close to Mid Range
Abilities Ghastly Gibus
Box Bugle
Weaknesses Arrogance
Poor Strategist
Prone to failures
Status Alive
Occupation Biggest Failure on BLU Team
Enemies The RED Team


Fail Soldier is a BLU soldier wearing a Ghastly Gibus and a Gentle Manne's Service Medal (how he got the medal remains a mystery).

Personality and Behavior

Fail Soldier is very proud and determined soldier of the BLU Team. He is extremely loyal to the BLU Team and would do anything to defeat the RED Team. Whenever Fail Soldier joins a random BLU Team, he immediately takes charge and would rally the team to follow him. To the members who refuse to listen to him, he would scold at them until they give in. From there, Fail Soldier would cost the battle for the BLU Team. Despite this, he would always blame the RED Team for his failures.

Fail Soldier despises the RED Team. If he comes across any RED mercenary or freak, he would attack them. If he sees any BLU mercenary or freak, he would treat them with respect or as subordinates (depending on their name and rank). But if he encounters mercenaries or freaks from other teams (BLK, BWN, GRN, GRY,ORG, PNK, PRL, WHT, or YLW), then Fail Soldier wouldn't know what to do with them and would just stare at them inquisitively.

Powers and Abilities

Fail Soldier carries a special bugle that could summon a large box to smash into his enemies.

Fail Soldier's Ghastly Gibus and Medal both have special abilities. To whoever wears his Ghastly Gibus, their IQ would start to fall until they reach the IQ of zero. Fail Soldier's Medal has a similar effect, but instead of IQ, the Medal would make whoever wears it incompetent in everything.

Fail Soldier also uses a rocket for a melee weapon for some reason.

Faults and Weaknesses

Fail Soldier, as his name suggests, is prone failures. He can't accomplish any tasks given to him, no matter how easy or simple they are. Even when BLU has the upper hand, once Fail Soldier enters, he causes them to lose.

Fail Soldier's pride makes him very arrogant. In turn, he always underestimates his enemies, which usually results instant defeat.

Fail Soldier is a poor strategist and is very stupid. Almost anyone can outsmart him.

Video Appearances



  • Fail Soldier was inspired by minifett's Intelligent Heavy and AdmiralTrainstorm's Private Funnyman and Captain Demoman.

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