Type Android
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Rude
Fighting style Various
Abilities Stock DMOman Abilities
Status Active
Occupation Killer (currently)
Special Variant of DMOman
Superiors RED DMOman
Enemies PRL DMOman

GRY DMOman is a secret DMOman variant and the most aggressive of the group.

Personality and Behavior

GRY DMOman was another DMOman in the group but left because of being hated and called names. He then started to go on a rampage murdering random mercenaries because of being hated and filled with Rage.

Powers and Abilities

GRY DMOman possesses abilities of Enhanced Strength, Thrusters and Heat Vision also along with his Gamma Ray ability.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • GRY DMOman can be stopped or overpowered by another strong freak such as Painis Cupcake
  • GRY DMOman can't stand EMP's or explosive devices.
  • GRY DMOman cannot fight any fast freaks such as Default Scouts or any other scout freaks.

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