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Creator Retro Ace
Creation February 20th (conception)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Commanding, Militaristic, Psychotically tight self-controlled
Fighting style Sword fighting, Pistol weilding
Abilities Limited Immunity to Biohazards, C02 Manipulation, Tactical Military Intellect
Status Alive
Occupation Generalissimo of the Carbon Conquest Army
Subordinates The Carbon Conquest Army (Main Bulk),Mercuron and Sulfulax the Biohazard Brothers (left and right hand men)
Enemies Retro Ace, The Neo-Fencers Guild
"They can bury you in the 'Tomb of The Unskilled Soldier.'"
Gazard to Retro Ace

Generalssimo Gazard(formerly Gerald Blacken'miner) is the leader of the Carbon Conquest Army and the archenemy of Retro Ace. He has aspirations of world domination and plans to weaponize all energy resources-clean and unclean-by turning all energy plantation sites into his military bases, take over other military bases around the world, and use them to take over the world.

His theme is More Audacious March from Mother 3


What is known about this aspiring dictator is that he hails from a Eastern European mini-country known as Carbia, which was known to have rich deposits of oil and gas. Growing up in his country the market of Oil he began to see the power of natural resources, both clean and unclean, their history and the power it could give to oneself.

However, unlike infamous energy figures such as Rockefeller and Tarbell, his ideas had more of a militaristic twist. Gazard believed that these resources and the exrtraction methods to use them can and should be weaponized and used as the "ultimate enforcer of order". Joining his countries military, he fought in numerous battles that involved the war over resources and sovereignty until he disappeared in one battle and was presumed dead.

Recently, he has reappeared on a oil and gas rich island he calls "New Carbia." Leading a powerful Military Junta, and has declared world-wide conquest and "progress" the world to a "Carbo-Utopia" ruled by his hand.


  • Gazard's name is a play on the words "Gas" and "Hazard"
  • His yellow-and-black color scheme reflects the warning colors found on biohazard and warning signs, this is to symbolize his whole toxic-resource theme
  • The inspiration of Gazard came from the 1974 tokusatsu Inazuman Flash, with its fascist-like main villain Führer Geisel(ガイゼル総統) along with aspects of Doctor Doom and the fictional country he rules

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