Creator Xho3546
Creation 18th November 2012
Debut TBA
Type Zombie
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Belligerent
Fighting style Close Range
Status Undead
Occupation Zombie
Allies None
Enemies Nightmare Medic
Nightmare Medic's servants

Ghoul is a zombified Pyro freak, created by Xho3546.


Little is known of Ghoul's origins. It is believed that Ghoul was a former mercenary similar to that of Bob and Bob - and seemingly a proficient mercenary. Ghoul was brutally massacred by Nightmare Medic, seemingly beaten past recognition. Sometime later, Ghoul was reanimated by an unknown force, donning a dark persona. Ghoul now wishes revenge upon Nightmare Medic and his servants for killing him.

Appearance and Personality

Ghoul is a Voodoo-Cursed RED Pyro wearing a Wraith Wrap, Coffin Kit, Bonedolier and Rump-o'-Lantern. He always carries an Axtinguisher with an eerie pale green glow. Ghoul seems to be very aggressive and is often killing whatever stands in his way of his goal, however does not kill those that do not wish to stop him. Ghoul, when not on the offense often ignores other characters with very little interaction. Ghoul does acknowledge help and can help others if they are attacked - that is if they return the favour.

Powers and Abilities

As a zombie, Ghoul is technically immortal as he has already died. He possesses an inhuman level of endurance as a result - surviving impossible falls, gunshots and melee attacks. Ghoul can also survive decapitation.

Ghoul has a well-refined form of combat, faster than the average Pyro and somewhat stronger than one - able to hurl his Axtinguisher with an unavoidable speed. Ghoul can also teleport short distances to disorientate his enemies and escape quicker and easier.

Ghoul also has retained most of his skill in fighting, showing a near martial-art like skill in combat. As a result, Ghoul can quickly dispatch an enemy, armed or not.

Faults and Weaknesses

Ghoul, whilst very fast, resilient and strong lacks the former intelligence that he once had, mainly because of an absence of a brain. Ghoul relies upon his endurance to make up for his mistakes in combat, or is too slow to fight numerous enemies. Ghoul is also far too intent on killing Nightmare Medic's servants that he will attempt to fight even when incapacitated.

His intimidating appearance also attracts attention to those who slay demonic or zombie presences, although Ghoul has no intention to fight them. Ghoul may have to kill unnecessarily as a result.

Ghoul's glowing Axtinguisher also draws attention to his presence, especially when attempting to keep incognito. Whilst often very successful going unnoticed, the more perceptive freaks are able to see him.

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