Loadout (10)
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation May 2017
Type Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Silent
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Story Trapping

Can coat himself in a black like armor that protects him from most attacks

Status Alive
Occupation Keeping Vonguards team at bay
Superiors Millennium
Enemies Godspeed

Bottle of 1964 Chappue ((Chateau)) (Not actually a rival, Joked by Vonguard)

Gin is a Red Heavy freak made by user Captain Huzan

He is one of the main antagonists in "Adventure" and works under Millennium

Powers and abilitys:

  • Gin can trap others into worlds he makes by writing in a magic book that acts as a gateway to his stories
  • Gin can coat his whole body or parts of it completly black like Vonguard with the exception of his hands and spear. Gin coats himself for close combat or to act as a sheild for
    Faults and Weaknesses:
  • He is not good against ranged freaks
  • His size makes him a too easy target for all freaks with ranged abilitys.

Gin is able to match speed with any "Speedster" like Godspeed. He eliminated Teingu with this power in a brief flashback.

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