God Himself
God Himself
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation March 2017
Alignment Lawful Good?
Attitude Creepy
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Chest Drumming
Weaknesses Everything
Status Himself
Occupation Music
Allies None
Enemies Congo Contests

God Hismelf is somewhat disturbing Engineer/Spy freak made by user Captain Huzan

Appearance and Personality

God Himself wears Pyro Vision Goggles, Level 3 Chin and a part of Antlers. He sometimes appears to be very short or a spy's normal size.

God Himselfs debut

One of his many disorganized forms


Not much is known about God Himself's backstory, he does show to have a distant personality like some of the stupid minded freaks. No one knows where he came from, Anji (Alt Side) suspects he is just a pure idiot that changed his name for the heck of it

Abilitys and Powers

When God Himself beats his chest it emits soundwaves that pushes freaks or mercs away from him with great force

He uses his power to break down obsticles while running after someone

His resistence is notoriusly massive to damage. His attack does barely anything at all


He is weak to everything. He will explode, sending a massive soundwave blast everywhere


  • He was inspired by a disturbing spy from a trade server