Creator ToxicHolyGrenade
Creation August 8th 2015 (Concept)
Debut TBA
Type Cyborg
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Caring
Fighting style Various
Abilities Expert Marksmanship
Psi Amp
  • Psycho-reflective Body
  • Healing Factor Nullification
  • Kinetic Redirection
  • Psychogenic Agility
  • Projected Cryokinesis
  • Neural Decontamination
  • Cerebro-stimulated Regeneration
  • Psychogenic Strength
  • Localized Pyrokinesis
  • Electron Cascade
  • Energy Reflection
  • Neural Toxin-block
  • Projected Pyrokinesis
  • Psionic Hypnogenesis
  • Electron Suppression
  • Remote Circuitry Manipulation
  • Imposed Neural Restructuring
  • Metacreative Barrier
  • External Psionic Detonation
  • Psycho-reflective Aura
Weaknesses EMP and Electric
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary
Seeker of Vengeance
Enemies Divider
The Many
Evil Freaks

Goggles, also known as Mercenary G65434-2, is a GRY Sniper TF2 Freak created by the YouTube user ToxicHolyGrenade. He is the main protagonist of the Nuclear War series.

His theme is Lincoln Grounds - Transmission.


In his early life he was a regular human working with the GRY Team. At Mannworks, he and his team we're preparing for the first wave of Gray Mann's robot horde. However, Divider and his Assimilants enters the battlegrounds instead. Once the battle starts, the GRY Team begins losing ground due to the Assimilants being well trained. A GRY Spy, a friend of the GRY Sniper, has no choice but to help his team, but was severely wounded. The Radiation Deity eventually kidnaps him and teleports him to his base. This made the Sniper angry, but a soldier Assimilant, wielding a powerful Shotgun, shoots him. incredibly injured, he begins to prepare for his death. Before the half-annelid finishes him off, a GRY Engineer manages to kill him, thus saving the Sniper's life.

Sometime after the GRY Team's defeat, he brings him to his hideout and augments him with a cybernetic rig. In three years of military training, he became a formidable mercenary. His reward to his finished training is the Psi Amp, a special tool which gives him access to special powers and abilities.


He wears an Aged Moustache Grey Professional's Ushanka, the Aged Moustache Grey Archers Groundings, and a BLU Chronomancer.

Personality and Behaviour

Being a seeker of vengeance for his lost teammates, he's still known to be a nice person. Although, he seeks revenge on the many and it's leader to avenge the GRY Team's death, especially for the spy who later became a fallen hero.

Mercenary G65434-2 is always determined and was scarcely seen smiling.

Powers and Abilities

  • Psi Amp
  • External Psionic Detonation
  • Metacreative Barrier
  • Kinetic Redirection
  • Psychogenic Strength
  • Psychogenic Agility
  • Toxin Block
  • Neural Decontamination
  • Energy Reflection
  • Localized Pyrokinesis
  • Imposed Neural Restructuring
  • Electron Suppression
  • Psionic Hypnogenesis
  • Projected Pyrokinesis
  • Projected Cryokinesis
  • Healing Factor Nullification
  • Remote Circuitry

After three years in training, he became an incredible expert in military combat and weaponry, such as Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers, heavy weapons, sidearms, experimental weapons, etc.

His Psi Amp is a tool that gives him access to psionic powers, such as Psycho-reflective Body, Kinetic Redirection, Psychogenic Agility, and many others.

Tier 1

Healing Factor Nullification: Releases a green energy ball that enters an opponent's body and removes their regenerative powers.

Psycho-reflective Aura: Protects him from 50% of all combat damage.

Kinetic Redirection: Pulls an object toward him.

Psychogenic Agility: Increases his Agility.

Projected Cryokinesis: Launches a heat-draining projectile at a target.

Tier 2

Neural Decontamination: Shields him from 100% of radiation damage, making it useful in a battle against Divider.

Cerebro-stimulated Regeneration: Heals his wounds at a rapid rate.

Psychogenic Strength: Increases his strength.

Localized Pyrokinesis: Summons an orange aura that damages all of his enemies within a five foot radius.

Tier 3

Electron Cascade: Recharges any charged item or weapon that he carries with him.

Energy Reflection: Provides 50% immunity to all energy-based attacks.

Neural Toxin-blocker: Shields him from 100% of toxin absorption.

Projected Pyrokinesis: Launches an orange fireball at a target.

Psionic Hypnogenesis: Launches a purple energy ball that causes Goggles' opponents to stand still and docile.

Tier 4

Electron Suppression: Launches a dark-blue energy ball that immobilizes any robotic target, including cyborgs, robots, and androids.

Remote Circuitry Manipulation: Allows him to hack psionically.

Tier 5

Imposed Neural Restructuring: Launches a white energy ball that causes a non-robotic target to become hostile towards Goggles' opponents.

Metacreative Barrier: Creates a wall of powerful psionic force directly in front of him.

External Psionic Detonation: Drops a psionic proximity mine. Does no damage to robots, androids, and cyborgs, and double damage to Goggles' enemies

Faults and Weaknesses


  • Goggles is based on the protagonist of the first System Shock. His appearance was depicted on the video game cover with prominent goggles, causing fans of System Shock to give him the affectionate nickname of "Goggles".

What you'll Need

  • His model can be downloaded; here.
  • To create the Psi Amp, you will need the Sub Material tool, a Sandman baseball, and the Rope tool. The Sub Material tool can be downloaded; here. The duplication to this can be downloaded; here.
  • The duplication to to make Goggles faster can be downloaded; here.
  • The duplication to the External Psionic Detonation Mine can be downloaded, here.
  • To create the External Psionic Detonation Mine, the requirement needs to be the Edge Glow tool. The tool however, can be downloaded; here.
  • To colour Goggle's cosmetics, the required tool needs to be the Hat Painter & Crit Glow Tools. They can be downloaded; here.
  • For the projected powers, the classic light bulbs can be downloaded; here.

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