Huh by toxicholygrenade-davqfc7

I'm fucking upset! This is some fucking bullshit!

Grinder is a skater who grinds all the time no matter what bad situations he encounter. He is a proud skater, often showing his "mad skills" to people. He despise tricksters and other assholes who thinks he only does grinding. He also has low patience.

Why is he named "Grinder"? Well, rubs his ass with a grinder, of course! He is definitely masochistic.

He is said to be a half-angel, half-demon, all overpowered, so yes, he must be a Mary Sue-Type character like the other dudes ToxicHolyGrenade made.

Also, he is secretly Toxic in disguise because his old self sucks ass anymore. Nobody wants an edgy superhero-wannabe trash who mocks those who disapproves his "heroism". He is too outdated to be here in this period. Modern superheroes now rules the modern age.



Grinder's greatest enemies is none other than the Drunk Devil himself, who was previously owned by Burger Lord before being handled by Mr. Mask.

On a final note, the "bird/plane" jokes are so dated as of today.

Rainbow Expressions

Proof that Toxic is a Brony.

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