Heavy Van Suarez
Van suarez
Creator Echosnake1
Creation 26th December 2013 (concept)
Type Cyborg
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Friendly
Fighting style Long and short ranged
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Minigun coming out of his mouth

Weaknesses Low Intelligence

Does what anyone tells him to do

Status Alive
Allies Zombie Mexicano

Fat Man

Handsome Rogue

Heavy Van Suarez is a RED Heavy created by Echosnake1.


Heavy Van Suarez (silent z) is a RED Mexican Heavy with the Soviet Gentleman. When in his "attack mode", he has a very large head with giant hands with disorted fingers. While not in his attack mode, he just looks like a normal Heavy.


Heavy Van Suarez was a normal RED Heavy who was one of Painis Cupcake's victims, A Sniper by the name of Mexicano ressurected him using a machine, and gave Heavy Van Suarez the power to turn his mouth into an automatic golden minigun and enlarging his fists, making him excellent in combat. Mexicano had to use up his soul to power the machine, and therefore died. Heavy Van Suarez now seeks vengeance against Painis Cupcake. He took Mexicano's dead body, threw it into the machine and started it up with one punch of his fist. Zombie Mexicano came out of the machine and the two embarked on a quest to find Painis Cupcake and bring him to justice.

Behaviour and Personality

Heavy Van Suarez is a very lively, friendly and somewhat stupid Heavy who doesn't like getting into fights. He only fights when forced to, or if he needs to devour a soul. When angered, insulted or laughed at, Heavy Van Suarez becomes extremely hostile towards the person who angered him. In his attack mode, which he only activates in a fight, he is very unpredictable. 

Powers and Abilities

As stated earlier, Heavy Van Suarez can grow an australium minigun out of his mouth once he has enlarged his head, and can grow his fists to an unnatural size to increase his close combat skills. Though usually friendly and not wanting to get into fights, Heavy Van Suarez can devour defeated enemies' souls to power him. He can also use a "Moustache Blast" once he has devoured enough souls, unleashing a devastating blast out of his moustache.

Faults and Weaknesses

Being an extremely stupid Heavy, he always thinks what people tell him to do is for his own good, so he always does what anyone tells him to do. His stupidity often gets in the way, such as when he tries to block an attack towards an enemy. Also, he cannot live for long without devouring souls, as that is what powers him. He can sometimes devour someone's soul randomly when he needs powering up.


  • Heavy Van Suarez is a freak made by The Machine, therefore is classified as a cyborg since The Machine enhances the thing inside of it not physicaly, but by inserting robot parts into its subject.
  • Heavy Van Suarez is part of a team called Freak Force 5 which is a team of good freaks.