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Heavybrine "King"
Creator Captain Huzan
Type Abomination
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Erratic, Creepy
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Terrifying presence

Hypersonic Scream Single cell regeneration Conversion Species-dependent abilities

Weaknesses Species-dependent weaknesses

Can't be resistant to other Freak's abilities Being so big, Easy Target

Status Cannot die
Occupation Killing people

Converting Heavies

Allies Heavybrine Minions
Enemies Anything that isn't one of it

The Heavybrine "King" is a colossus sized Heavybrine made by Captain Huzan

Appearance and Personality

It appears as a colossus sized "blu" Heavy with pure black eyes

Powers and Abilities

One of its abilities is to strike fear into the toughest freaks heart and has a terrifying presence. Simply hearing about it will turn most people into a shivering wreck.

It also have the Hypersonic Scream. It can yell extremely loudly, which can turn any Heavy into a Heavybrine for 25 Minutes and severely debilitate somebody just by hearing it. The symptoms include:

Ringing ears Severe migraines Internal hemorrphaging Death If it is harmed in any way, so long as there is a single cell left, all of its injuries will be healed fully.

While it can kill most living things, Heavybrine King does not kill Heavies. Instead, it can convert them into other Heavybrines.

Faults and Weaknesses

It does not really have any uniform weakness

It is kept in a interdimensional world and can only come through a breach that is heavy-ily guarded (Im so sorry for the pun. No theres no heavys)

Its massive size makes it a easy target, its slow speed

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