Hell Pyro
Tf2 freak hell pyro by warbro22-d73s608
Creator LOLOLOL96
Creation April 1, 2012
Type Cyborg (Formerly)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Murderous
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Strengthen Homewrecker
Status Alive
Occupation Protecting the Intelligence
Enemies BLU Team
King Caber

Hell Pyro is a creepy concept RED Pyro Freak created by Deviantart User LOLOLOL96. He is the only Freak that is related to the TF2 Spy Freak: Knivehand

Personality and Behavior

Hellpyro is defenseful meaning he will kill anyone who touches his Intelligence, (A Case from the game Team Fortress 2.) He's very neutral actually, he mainly attacks Medics or Heavys together in general. But if anyone or freak touches his intelligence, they are as good as dead. He also mainly attacks BLU Team, anyone on the BLU Team that touches his intelligence will die by his enhanced Homewrecker that does a lot more damage then a regular one does.

Powers and Abilities

Hell Pyro can teleport, meaning he can teleport to his enemy instantly killing the enemy or freak. He also has a Strengthen Homewrecker meaning his Homewrecker does twice the damage it normally does. At last he has enhanced strength meaning he can hit hard as a truck knocking out his foe.