Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation May 10,2107
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Cold
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Recon cloak
Saw blade slash
Saw blade throw
Death maker
Weaknesses Shadow attacks
Standard human Weakness
Status Unknown
Occupation Combat Assassin
Superiors TBA
Subordinates Medic Trooper
Allies Medic Army
Enemies Anyone who gets in his way

Herex is a RED Scout made by Kyuubiman3

Herex's theme idle theme: Pokémon Black and White - N's room

Herex's attacking theme: I am... All of me By Crush 40


He appears as a RED Wounded Scout

Abilities and Powers

Herex has Recon Cloak to sneak past his targets and enter areas without being detected

His bat acts more like a sword to people and bashes people's heads in

His bat can shoot out saw blades to cut people in half and breakd sentries apart

He owns a Boston Basher to make his victims bleed he has a animal instinct that let's him smell cloaked Spies and bleeding people

Herex owns a Needle that can weaken people's bones for easier to take down if they do retaliate

Faults and Weakness

Herex is arrogant and overconfident He is prone to gravely underestimating potential threats.

He still subconsciously remembers his past that's so powerful enough to traumatize him that may have a chance of distracting him from his fighting or killing to the point to let them go.

As a melee fighter, he is susceptible to being attacked from a distance

It seems he is a normal physically and easy to harm by the high ranking TF2 monsters unless he uses his gargets well on them

He lacks destructive power that is crucial when fighting high-ranking freaks


the skin that he is using is this Most of Herex's clothes are from Here His hood is this and his weapon is here

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