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Horned Nightmare
2014 02 26 00002 by cowboygineer-d78txby
Creator zachlky
Creation October
Type Undead Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Aggressive, strict
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Demonic Powers
Enhanced Strength
Weaknesses Poor Defense
Status Alive
Occupation Lost Demon Soul
Superiors Reaper
Allies The Undead Army
Enemies Prankster Jack

Apperance and Personality

Horned Nightmare attacks anything and is very idiotic, He can easily be killed by, Painis Cupcake and SoupCock PorkPie but is confirmed to be the most strongest concept Freak currently.


Horned Nightmare has very few abilities, One he has the ability to summon Demonic Powers. and second he has a huge amount of damage he can do.

Participants Video Result
Horned Nightmare vs Prankster Jack Concept Win

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