Creator Fancymann
Creation 11/25/2015 (Official Release)
Debut I wish...
Type Death Entity
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Silent
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Soul Sucking
Weaknesses Light Entities
Status Alive (?)
Occupation Taking lves of innocent trekkers
Hout is a TF2 freak created by Fancymann.


Hout has no creation origin, and is thought to be as old as the creation of the planet, people call him the "Embodiment of Creeping and Death" or, "The Death Creeper" for short. He was summoned to this planet to end the lives of those who's end was to come, but now with scientific advances, he simply creeps around unpopulated areas waiting for someone to come so he can target and kill them. For every large target he kills he take a piece of their clothing, mainly the jacket he stole from a Heavy freak, which one? We may never know.

Appearance and Personality

Hout is a RED Scout Freak wearing a Biomech Backpack, The Flak Jack (A.K.A A Heavy's coat.), and the Rooftop Rebel set, he can also be seen usually covered in blood.

Hout never actually speaks, and only screams loudly at a high pitch whenever he is sucking your soul or you see him, because of this, Hout doesn't actually have any defining personality traits.


Hout usually hangs around cold or mountainous terrains, if anyone were to see him, he would "gaze into the victims very soul" and make distorted grumbling and quiet screeches, these only the victim can hear. From then on Hout continuously peruses you, should seeing him while he is chasing after you will cause him to stop and disappear in a direction you are not looking, preferably behind you. He will slowly get closer to you until he can grab you and suck your soul.

Powers and Abilities

Hout naturally has the ability to suck your soul.The process of soul sucking is very unsettling, firstly, he screeches in attack, but his mouth does not move, this screech can be heard by anybody, he then grabs you and forces you to look in his eyes, afterwards the victims vision starts tinting red and almost give a melting appearance, your vision warps, and you are dead, all the while you hear distorted grumbling and screeches, however, these are louder.

He also has the ability to Soul Stare where he gazes into your soul.

Faults and Weaknesses

Being a Demon, he is weak to light entities.

He is not intangible, and he can be stopped by hiding in a shelter.


  • Hout seems to be an uncanny mix of the Enderman form Minceraft, Slenderman from Slenderman, and The Crying Angels from Doctor Who.
  • Hout is a mix of the words Hell and Scout.

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