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Creator Captain Huzan 2.0
Creation May 2017
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Playfully Aggressive
Fighting style Melee


Abilities Advanced Physics

Fixes his bones with ease
Long range mini-machine gun

Weaknesses Overconfident
Status Active
Occupation Killing anyone who has a love relationship
Enemies Everyone who loves eachother

Icarus is a malviolent RED Scout freak made by Captain Huzan 2.0

His main theme is Legacy

His battle theme is Hyperspeed



Since no one loves him, with reason... he goes after others who have found their match and kills them when theyre about to "connect" with eachother, usually shoving his machinegun shotgun up his victims ass.

Abilitys and Equipment

War Hammer of "Justice": Icarus carries a large stone hammer around with him at all times to brutally smash his enimies skulls into theres nothing left but mush.

Minigun Shotgun of "Poverty": Icarus uses this to invade other peoples personal areas for example shoving it up a naked heavys ass when his lover, a medic is about to connect with him but instead gets a mouthfull (assfull) of bullets

Self "Repair": Icarus can snap his bones back into/out of place if injured or if faking a injury to be let in to some victim's houses.

Bending Logic: Icarus has no indication of when his timing is on time or off, even if, for example a door is closed, if he remebers it being open, he can walk through it like its air


  • He doesnt go after freaks or others, (Wont even hesistate to attack) that dont show any affection for anyone else, except for cannibals since he qualifys it as "love" (Eating people, wut)
  • Icarus hates seeing naked people in the place he lives in.


  • He will only feature in my 2.0 Channel because the content will be very.......weird.

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