Creator Trytix
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Loyal
Fighting style Mid to short ranged
Abilities Flame Burst
The Flaming Axe
Martial Arts
Enhanced Agility
Holographic Shield
Weaknesses Water Enemies
Status Active
Occupation Offensive freak protector
Superiors A Unknown Engineer
Allies Stryder_Scout
Enemies Wreckage
Infiltrator Agents

Incinerator is a RED Cyborg Pyro Freak, He was created by Youtube User Trytix.


Incinerators background is mostly unknown, but he have a past with much pain and loss of close friends and family. After He's closest friend was killed, (when Incinerator just was a child) he almost wanted to kill himself. but then the (STILL unnamed) Engineer freak took care of him, and teached him the way of fighting and to see the bright things in life. Incinerator really changed, instead of revenge, he wanted piece, he's life was changed to the better thanks to that Engineer. Now, Incinerator is part of the Resistance fighting against S.E.W. and he only want one thing, to protect the weak ones. like the Engineer once did to him.

Personality and Behavior

He is very kind-hearted and is even villingly to give hes life to protect the one's who needs it. But this does eitherway not make him a bad fighter, and he is very inteligent and unpredictable, so enemies never know what he's next move might be. In battle he is very serious, while he normaly is very nice and careing towards friends and allies. He have the capability to use a holografic protection unit. This ability creates a holografic "shield" on himself, so if he gets shot, the hologram will work as a shield and prevent him from taking damage. The Holografic shield enchantment uses very little energy to, so he can use it multiple times within short periodes of time, but if the damage is large enaugh, the hologram may break and damage Incinerator anyway. He got two very strong flamethrowers mounted on each arm, and he uses the Third-degree as a meele weapound. He is also fast mooving, and have a durability slightly smaller than Demogear.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flame Burst - Incinerator can shoot fire out of his brace.
  • Techno Slicer - Incinerator is equipped with his weapon of choice, a Techno Slicer.
  • Fire Powers - Incinerator can deploy fire.
  • Martial Arts - Incinerator has massive agility.
  • Enhanced Agility - Incinerator is pretty fast.
  • Holografic shield- Incinerator can deploy a hologram to work as a shield and give Incinerator a secound chance of evading enemie damage.

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