J.D Aussie (Series)
Author [shirosaki97]
Genre Action
Original run 12 Juny 2012
No. of episodes 5
Runtime 8:11
Protagonist [J.D Aussie]
Heroes [Soldine]
Villains [Xander Kage]
Others [Orangeman]
J.B Aussie Saga is an Youtube video series created by Shirosaki97


Episode 1

In the first one he encounters Radio Joe who beats the snot out of him and then records a hip new message and then broadcasts it. Julian Demoman Aussie as he is known walks to the store crying to buy bandages and surgical tools but runs into his new enemy Radio Joe again who invites most people around to listen to his next broadcast then finishes J D Aussie. The following episodes are all hallucinations as Aussie fades away.

Episode 2

Another day, during a patrol in the Evo City, Soldine and Orangeman encountered an aggressive Freak J.D Aussie, Seeing that he had been attacking civilians, the duo approached him. Soldine ordered Orangeman to treat a wounded Engineer, as he himself engaged the crazed Freak in combat. While initially the RED cyborg held the upper hand, J.D turned out to be stronger than expected. Orangeman observed the duel from a safe distance.

The two struggled briefly, and Aussie was finally able to temporarily knock Soldine back, buying himself just enough time to escape.

Episode THREE - The Christmas Special

Jeb Aussie thinks about his favorite annual celebration of giving and invites you the viewer, to enjoy recollections of his past seasonal escapades. He gets too close to a radiator for too long and just sorta melts.

List of Episode

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