Jin (6)
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation July
Debut Jin's Short Lived life on Sunset Island (Not-Debut, just a short)
Type Human

Human/Demon (Enslavement)

Alignment Lawful Good

Lawful Evil (Enslavement)

Attitude Silent

Malevolent (Enslavement)
Destructive (Enslavement)

Fighting style Melee (Enslavement)
Abilities Plate Manipulation (Enslavement)
Weaknesses Mind Control
Status Alive
Occupation Serving Anji and Sunset Island (Enslavement)
Superiors Anji (Enslavement)

Jin is a RED Scout made by user Captain Huzan

Appearance and Personality

Jin wears The Rock Hair and The Bruiser's Bandanna including having very small pupils


Jin was a normal lone scout who was bullied by his own team mates, a short while later being forced into a possessed state

Powers and Abilities

Faults and Weaknesses


  • Sunset island is a map on the SFM Workshop
  • The Face Skin can be obtained here

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