Killer Hoovy
Killer Hoovies
Creator William0918
Creation February 21, 2016
Debut TBA
Type Freak
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Malicious
Fighting style Holiday Punch, Family Buisness (if it's victim is far away from it)
Abilities Uber Rage if someone tries to kill one
Weaknesses Can be killed.
Status Alive
Occupation Heavies
Superiors None
Subordinates None
Allies Other Killer Hoovies
Enemies Everyone except their own kind

Killer Hoovies are a type of Heavy TF2 freak created by William0918.


They look like normal friendly Hoovies, except they are secretly killers. These killer Hoovies act like normal friendly Hoovies at first, but when no one is around them, they kill anyone they see. Killer Hoovies can be on any team, and no matter what, the killer Hoovies work together no matter what team a killer Hoovy is on.


  • There exist GRN, ORG, PRPL, YLW, GRY, and BLK Killer Hoovies.
  • Killer Hoovies only give regular Sandviches to their own kind. They give poisonous Sandviches to their victims.
  • Vagineers are rare victims of Killer Hoovies.
  • The Killer Hoovies' most common way of killing victims is by doing the Showdown taunt on them.

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