King Caber
Creator LOLOLOL96
Creation March 23, 2012
Debut Pending
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Intelligent
Abilities Instant Ullapool Caber Regeneration
Healing Factor
Enhanced Strength
Status Alive
Occupation Demolisher
Enemies Hell Pyro

King Caber is a concept RED Demoman Freak created by Deviantart User, LOLOLOL96. He is one of LOLOLOL96's famous freaks.


He wields fierly the Ullapool Caber and the Loch-N-Load, He uses the Scottish Resistance like a boss and he wears proudly his well-cleaned crown

Personality and Behavior

When he's not on a mission, he loves to do parties and drink a lot of Scrumpy, Which makes him a good friend of Fratman, The Bombesterman (KUGAWATTAN REPRESENT!!!) and Dic Soupcan. Only problem. When this freak is ganged up by other freaks he becomes completely uneffective and a total wuss. Yup you heard me, A. TOTAL. WUSS.

Powers and Abilities

  • Healing Factor - King Caber can regenerate health in a matter of seconds.
  • Enhanced Strength - King Caber is extremely strong to other freaks.

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