Creator MrFlipmaster12
Creation 11/8/13 (Idea)
Type Lava boss
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Angry
Fighting style Various
Status Alive
Occupation Lava boss
Superiors Witchdic

Lavy appears to be a RED Heavy fire elemental created by YouTube user MrFlipmaster12.


Lavy appears to be a RED Heavy with the War Head , the Heavy-bot's shoulder plate armor , the Purity Fist and the Steel-Toed Stompers. 

Behavior and Personality

Lavy is an angry and territorial individual who will kill anyone who enters the area that he lives in. But instead of doing it by himself , he sends his lava and fire minions , Soldier henchmen , and monsters to kill the person who enters. But if the person enters the location that Lavy lives, he will come out and every one of his servants who he sent will be there , but instead , they will be watching from somewhere high , while Lavy kills the person.

Powers and Abilites

Lavy cannot be damaged by lava , nor fire. He gains energy and more power from it , which he uses to kill his enemis by firing it from his armor, or welding it to his armor , so if his victim touches it or gets hit by it , he will be killed.

Lavy can ram into his enemies by targeting them so that he won't miss.

Lavy has razor sharp teeth and inhumanly strong hands.

Faults and Weaknesses

Water won't kill him , but he will be critically damaged by it and will be defenseless for a few moments.

He can't be killed , unless the his foe(s) destroy his 3 weak spots - one underneath him, another on his back and the third on his upper back.

Lavy can be embarassed , since his minions will laugh at him without his armor on , which means Lavy will be naked , but fortunately for him, the lava can rebuild it.


  • Lavy's name came from PumpkinLordOLantern. It's a portmanteau of "Lava" and "Heavy".
  • Lavy is inspired by a Nintendo land boss in Pikmin Adventure Attraction. The boss is named Bulblord.