Ctf 2fort0074
Creator Swiff
Creation June 2013 (concept)
Type Idiot
Alignment Chaotic/True Neutral
Attitude Cheery
Fighting style Ranged and Melee
Abilities Texan Tri-Berrel (Primary)
Increased Speed
Weaknesses Stupidity
Status Killed Many Times
Occupation a boob
a nincompoop
and a dummy
Allies his spy-spenser
his friends
Enemies Spy's and Scout stereotypes

Lexx the Gringineer is an idiotic RED Engineer TF2 Freak made by Swiff.

Appearance and Personality

Lexx takes the appearance of a RED HWM Engineer with a Hetmans Headpiece, The Trash Toter (painted black), and the vest from "The Toy Maker II" (also painted black.) Lexx also doesn't wear gloves on both hands and doesn't have the cable on his belt, and is mostly seen with a big happy grin on his face, He always has no matter what he deals with and no matter how many times he gets beat up by the enemy team. In general, Lexx is a very friendly person, nothing bad can be said at him except for his stupidity. Despite the grin on his face, Lexx is also a major idiot, He isn't the brightest Engineer people will meet, but He's still a nice guy and a tough fighter.

The personality is very odd for Lexx, He's always happy and is nearly impossible to make Him frown to anything (that excludes pained faces and neutral faces.) There are two things that can actually make Lexx annoyed; Spies sapping his buildings and scout stereotypes wanting to annoy him, trying to get attention for themselves, and/or wanting to hump Lexx's Spy-Spenser.


For Lexx's primary is a Shotgun called The Texan Tri-Berrel, his favorite Wrench is the Jag. Lexx is also a bit faster than a regular Engineer, for mostly running back to his Sentry and running away from dangers. or just to run around for no reason.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Lexx isn't very smart at times, He is also very forgetful at times.
  • Lexx also doesn't pay attention to certain things at times.

Lexx's Spy-Spenser

"Good day to you, partner."
Lexx's spy-spenser greeting anyone who comes over to see Lexx at his camp-sight (example: the intel room in 2fort)
Ctf 2fort0075

Lexx's Spy-Spenser.

Lexx's Spy-Spenser is one of Lexx's companions. Lexx's spy-spenser is a RED dispenser and a RED spy head with a (insert hat name here.) His spy-spenser also thinks he's a texen like Lexx.


  • Lexx was inspired by LEtheCreators Stu pidface. This freak was never based off the EnGeR at the time Lexx's concept was made.
  • The model that's used for Lexx is Maxxy's Enhanced Engineer.