Lieutenant Lidlmen
Creator Lillylyi
Debut N/A
Type Metahuman
Alignment Chaotic good
Abilities Increased Strength
Increased speed
Rocket Launcher
moderately increased
Status Alive, In Hiding
Occupation Blitz Brigand
Superiors Unknown
Subordinates Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown

Lieutenant Lidlmen s a DRK GRN heavy created by Lillylyi

Appearance and Behavior

Lieutenant Lidlmen appears to be a DRK GRN Heavy with a Cuban Bristle Crisis, Gone Commando, and a Soldiers Stash painted Zephaniah's Greed. He usually wields a Liberty Launcher and a large samson skewer.

His Theme is Walid Feghali Battle in the Sky


Lieutenant Lidlmen was raised in the bad part of gullywash acting as a hit man for the gullywash gangsters. He would barter his services for protect his mother and father. But when he was arrested for 47 murders at age 19, he got the deal of a lifetime. Either go to prison or join the army. Of course he wanted to stay out of prison, and he needed some sort of payment, so he gladly accepted the deal.

On his way there, his train was attacked by a group of criminals trying to kidnap the major general. Lidlmen fought the criminals and was successful. the general was in the same car as Lidlmen and offered him a place in the marines. again he gladly accepted. This was when he discovered his potential when he got through boot camp without breaking even half of a sweat. the head of military noticed his ability and started the Blitz Brigade, being lead by Lidlmen. Lidlmen had no problem with it, but he still wanted to be a lieutenant just because it had a good ring to it. The Blitz Brigade consisted of him, a sniper and a [class here]. who would later become Private Pizzapis and [some other name].

But when the team learned about who they were working for. they rebelled and became the blitz brigands and using cp_steele as their hideout.

Strengths & Abilities

Lieutenant Lidlmen has the absolute peak in Endurance and strength. He is very quick for a heavy, about the speed of a scout after being hit by Natasha. he also seems to have insane accuracy with rocket launchers, especially with the Libby. But his training in the marines and his skills from being a hit man had made him to be a great tactician and good with working as a team.

Faults and Weaknesses

  1. Lieutenant Lidlmen tends to sometimes (but not often) bite off more that he can chew. any mid to high rank freak can go easy on him at first to make him overconfident and lose his guard.
  2. He is absolutely AWFULLY AWFUL with the Huntsman bow.


  1. Lieutenant Lidlmens real name is Nickolas S. Kenfield
  2. He always seems to have an unlimited supply of cigars in the cigarette box on his helmet.
  3. His original name was going to be Private Pootis but was changed due to unorigionalityness or sumdin.
  4. The Blitz Brigade was inspired by the mobile app under the same name. due to the fact that it has the same characteristics of TF2.


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