Little Bunny
2014-02-06 00002
Creator Mamaluigithedonutgal
Creation September 15, 2013 (concept)
Type Mutant
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Hostile
Fighting style Melee (when unarmed)
Abilities Blinding speed
Enhanced senses
Weaknesses Frail
Status At large
Occupation Killing and eating mercenaries
and Freaks alike
Allies A BLU Demoman
Enemies Any other freak other than his master

Little Bunny is a BLU Scout Freak created by user Mamaluigithedonutgal.


Little Bunny appears to be a horribly distorted BLU Scout. His body is abnormally thin, and his face is warped to the point he looks more like a rotting animal than a human. No matter what he is feeling, his expression never changes.

Personality and Behavior

Little Bunny acts like an animal, crawling about from place to place on all fours, and cannot speak in words. He is very hostile, attacking at the slightest provocation, and often eating his victims. Depite this, he isn't malicious--just easily startled.

Little Bunny has an emotional attachment to a particular BLU Demoman, who he recognises as a "master." Not only will he accept meat from him and refrain from hurting him, but he will protect his "master" at any cost.

Strengths and Abilities

  • Little Bunny is fast even by Scout standards, moving at blinding speeds. This makes him nearly impossible to hit... or dodge.
  • Little Bunny's senses are much keener than those of a human.
  • Little Bunny can disguise himself as a regular BLU Scout to hide among normal humans. Aside from the ability to walk on two legs, he has no additional skills or abilities in this form. How long he can maintain this form is unknown.
  • Little Bunny can use all Scout weapons.
  • Little Bunny is venomous, and can jab his fingers into others to release the venom into their blood. The effects vary from victim to victim; some go berserk, others sustain horrific mutations, and a few simply die.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • While blindingly fast, Little Bunny is very frail, so if an attack DOES hit him, it will certainly do serious damage to him.
  • Little Bunny will back down and begin to cry if he is yelled at.
  • When disguised, Little Bunny loses his speed (becoming no faster than a Heavy) and other unique abilities.


  • Little Bunny's concept started as a faceposing attempt gone wrong.