Creator PumpkinLordOLantern
Creation September 6 2015
Debut Pending
Type Candy Construct
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Clumsy
Wrathful (When meeting Plants and Vegetables-based freaks)
Fighting style Short to Mid-Range
Abilities Lollichop Usage
Hard Candy Manipulation
Enhanced Agility
Status Alive
Occupation Lollipop Maker
Superiors Almondneer (creator)
Allies Caramel Soldier
Bubblegum Scout
Marshmallow Medic
Gummi Heavy
Enemies Plants and Vegetables-based freaks

Lollipyro is a PNK Pyro Freak created by PumpkinLordOLantern.


Lollipyro is a PNK Pyro who wears the Lollichop Licker (with Pink as Hell).

Personality and Behavior

Lollipyro is a clumsy and mute freak who communicates with whistles, animal sounds, and visual gags. It is not dumb, but merely acts like a toddler or a dog. It is indifferent toward pretty much everything around it, except for plants and vegetables-based freaks, which it was programmed to hate and destroy at sight.

It also loyally follows Almondneer and protects him from hostile TF2 Freaks.

Powers and Abilities

  • Lollichop usage - Lollipyro's weapon of choice is the Lollichop, which can chop enemies like butter.
  • Hard Candy Manipulation - Lollipyro has the ability to manipulate a variety of hard candies, such as stick candies, lollipops, etc.
  • Enhanced Agility - This Ability means Lollipyro can be super fast at Combat maybe even defeating its foe in at least 2 minutes.

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