Lord Gentlemen
2015-07-06 00001
Creator Pootis Mun
Creation 7/03/2015
Debut I suck ass at GMOD\ Intro to new Freak
Type GRY Robot
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Unmerciful
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Instant teleportation

Grapple Hook spam

Completely resistant to fire

Weaknesses Water


Occupation Hunting his victims
Allies Gray Mann

Every single robot

Enemies Robot Cupcake

Every Human alive (Including General Reboo)

Double Medic

Lord Gentlemen is a freak by Pootis Mun . It's theme is (스텔라) - 마스크 (Mask)(Instrumental)] and his rage theme is War 1 Hero - Serious Sam 3 BFE OST.


A Grey Spy Bot with the Modest Pile of hat, EOTL Metal, and a Megapixel Beard


Not much is known about this GRY Spy-bot, he was not bulit by Gray Mann for sure.

Personality and Behavior

Lord Gentlemen acts merciless to all beings that are not Robots. But he can be easily fooled with disguises.

When Lord Gentlemen finds his victim, he will walk or teleport to his victim. Then, shortly after he will pull of his Grappling hook and say "I am Lord Gentlemen". Shortly after, it will teleport above or behind it's target, and stap the victim to death

Abilities and Strengths 

  • Lord Gentlemen has a instant teleport ability, giving him a advantage
  • Lord Gentlemen can backstab with his grappling hook
  • He can of course, use his grappling hook to actually grapple onto surfaces
  • He can take down stronger freaks by stealth/suprise

Faults and Weakness

  • Spite being rather strong, he lacks intelligence and he can't survive a battle longer than other freaks
  • He can be easily fooled and killed.

Videos Starring this freak

Double's Revenge

I suck ass at GMOD\ Intro to new Freak

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