Magenta in his debut.

Magenta is a freak created by Dethdad123. He is one of the main antagonist of The G series. He like Diavolo is a stand user who uses the stand Weekend. He unlike Diavolo is not a very good fighter but his ability to control iron is a dangerous one. He can use the iron in his body to make himself invincible to attacks but cannot move during this. He can also control the iron in peoples body causing him to be able to control their movements. Unlike Diavolo he is a cold hearted assassin who kills to get the job done not letting anyone he comes across live for the right price. His theme song is Magenta Magenta by Soul'd Out. He has a second theme song called 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson but your video will most likely get taken down if you use it. Shame considering its a great song.


Though his past is shrouded in mystery we know that he is the leader of a massive army of robots. He began a strange hobby of collecting stones, thus causing him when he kills someone they will be turned to stone and kept in his collection. He meets Diavolo sometime in the future and a battle rages. During the battle Magenta loses his left eye. However it gets replaced with a cybernetic eye giving him advanced eyesight. He can deal much damage with his ability but it takes a toll on his body causing him to be weakened each time he uses it.


  • He is named and based off of the character from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7 Steel Ball Run character Magenta Magenta and his stand is based off of 21st century boy Magenta Magenta's stand but also has elements of Jojo part 5's stand Metallica.

Notable Videos

Kingdom of Nothing03:09

Kingdom of Nothing

Diavolo The God Eater vs Magenta05:27

Diavolo The God Eater vs Magenta

Die Die my sweet Magenta man06:02

Die Die my sweet Magenta man

Heavydile vs Magenta03:26

Heavydile vs Magenta

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