Creator McBuster
Creation June 17,2017
Type TF2sona
Alignment Choatic Neutral
Abilities Ear Rape
Gamer Rage
Critical Punch
Heavy's arsenal
Weaknesses Stupidity
His Rage
Hit in the Nuts
Status Alive
Occupation Nincompoop

This is McBuster's TF2 Sona for TF2 Freaks

If he had a theme it would be: Cheeki Breeki song or RA-RA-RASPUTIN, RUSSIA's GREATEST LOVE MACHINE(normal) But his other theme would be Epic Micky Clock Tower(rage theme)


McBuster appears as a BLU Heavy Wearing Summer Shades, Hunter Heavy and "wears" One-Man Army and mostly appears in Smexuals.

Personality and Behaviour

McBuster's Sona loves to be weird and funny around others and usually interacts with most people.

McBuster usually stands at High Tower or at Dapper Stars when he's bored and made his home at gm_Bigcity and travels by his Poot Spenser Mobile traveling anywhere to have fun

He loves telling funny jokes and funny ragdoll poses and deaths

He loves to surprise buttsecks anyone he can get his hands on

Powers and Abilities

He loves to ear rape people when he gets the chance he grab the nearest bystander and scream at top of his lungs saying "MEDIC!" To kill normal people or at least deafen them.

When something wrong happens when he playing games he'll go on killing rage against anyone who killed him as a Hoovy or when game mechanics don't work when there so post to in game rage he'll be growing BLU Crits around him

If McBuster wants to Secks someone he'll use his "BULLET" to buttsecks his victims and quickly runs away before they can retaliate.

McBuster rarely ever punches people but when he does it to the person face it will knock em out cold because of all the rage he holds inside

He usually uses some of Heavy's like Natascha, Family Business and Fist of Steel to gain the upper hand in combat against Snipers and Scouts

Faults and Weakness

McBuster's Punch is somewhat weak if he hits anywhere that's not a face

McBuster is a idiot and easily fooled by tricks expect dead ringers

McBuster's is very overconfident about things and overthinking about the plan that would work but fails miserably

When McBuster rages he loses focus on what's going around him and easily beaten by overwhelming him with attacks.

His weapons are not enough to take on high ranking freaks due to his weapons being useless.

McBuster's biggest weakness is getting hit in the crotch and scream "I'm ded not big soup rice" very fast before exploding into Sandvishes

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