Mecha Vagineer
Creator sayit366
Creation September 9th 2015 (Concept)
Debut MechaVagineer attacks! (removed)
Type Cyborg-Mutant
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Multi-moded
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Rockets
Sentry-Machine Gun
Enhanced Strength
Stock Vagineer Abilities
Weaknesses Sappers
Stronger Freaks
Status Alive
Occupation Cyborg
Superiors The Original Vagineer
Subordinates Vagisentries
Allies Other Vagineers
Enemies PNK Vagineer
WHT Vagineer

Mecha Vagineer is a RED Vagified Engineer Freak, Created by the forces of the Original Vagineer. He was sent to 5Gorge to eliminate all Freaks. He was created by a deleted Deviantart User.


Mecha-Vagineer was originally a normal RED Engineer equipped with the Gunslinger, One day he was captured by Vagineer Zero (The Original Vagineer) and turned into a Mutant Cyborg of War. To this day he eliminates all that approaches him.

Personality and Behavior

Mecha-Vagineer only attacks when he's ordered too, He is very carefree and friendly only to other Vagineers. On a Deviantart Page he was shown attacking the PumpkinLordOLantern Concept Freak: WHT Vagineer.

Powers and Abilities

  • Rockets - Mecha Vagineer has a equipped-rocket launcher on his shoulder, which he can use to fire Missles
  • Eye Lasers - Mecha Vagineer can shoot red lasers from his eyes.
  • Enhanced Strength - Mecha Vagineer has this ability to be super strong
  • Stock Vagineer Abilities - Mecha Vagineer has default Vagineer Abilities


  • Mecha Vagineer was originally going to be named Cybor-Vagineer but the Creator thought Mecha was more cool sounding.

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