Creator Cheetah1251
Creation August 4, 2013 (Concept)
Debut The Vampire
Type Vampire
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Curse Punch
Immense Strength
Summon Ninja Vagineers
Status Alive
Occupation Vampire
Subordinates BLK Vagineer

His theme is Mother 3 - Dangerious Guys Theme.

Medipire is a concept BLK Vampire like Medic Freak created by Youtube User Cheetah1521.

Personality and Behavior

Medipire is very aggressive and will attack any freak or mercenary. He often comes out at Night like a normal Vampire would. In one of the Videos he was overpowered by 4 freaks which is pretty strong but Medipire continued to fight all of them and almost winning. Medipire is definatly the strongest freaks on the Wiki.

Powers and Abilities

Medipire has a few abilities, First is his Flight Ability he can fly like superman a very common ability. Second he has immense strength easily overpowering his foe. Third he has the ability to summon BLK Vagineers to help him. Last his most strongest ability is the curse punch that paralyzes the victim until Medipire takes damage.

Notable Videos

By the creator

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