Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation May 5,2017
Debut Mook's shopping in 2fort (in process)
Type Freak
Alignment Choatic Neutral
Attitude Bizarre
Fighting style Short to Mid-range
Abilities Rage Screams
Limb regenerate
Modified Beggar's Bazooka
Extreme endurance
Decapitation immunity
Weaknesses Stupidly
Low durability
Status Alive
Occupation Department Store Clerk
Enemies Splendid Gentlemen

Mook's is a bizarre BLU Soldier TF2 Freak concept by Kyuubiman3

His theme is Crash Twinsanity OST- N.Sanity Island, which always play when he appears


Mook appears as a BLU Soldier wearing the Doe-Boy

Personality and Behaviour

He a Goofy salesman putting up shops anywhere he goes to steal food, hats and guns

Mook has a crazy mind and his goofy nature when he's traveling around the freak world with his shop

Powers and Abilities

Mook owns a modified Begger's Bazooka that can shoots very rapidly with different hats which is mostly the Stout Shako

Mook has a powerful scream that only pushes people away from him when he gets mad and screams at the person who did it

Mook's limbs can regenerate over time and rapidly making it look like he can take more punishment then a normal person would

Mook can endure huge amounts of pain and suffering from damages from others

Also he can survive having his head destroyed or decapitation.

Faults and Weakness

Due to his goofy nature he doesn't know who's hostile or not and assumes that they want to buy his items

It's safe to say that he's durable as a normal Soldier and can be easily harmed liked one


Mook means incompetent person

His original character was going to be a crazed killer but it didn't fit his theme of a Mook/idiot

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