2013-12-18 00001
Creator Himself
Creation 12/16/13 (announced as tf2 freak)
Type Funny (crazy)
Alignment Chaotic Neutural (normal)

Neutral Evil (attack mode)

Attitude Funny (crazy)
Fighting style Various
Status Repeatly dieing ALOT!
Allies Swiff

MrFlipMasterG64 is MrFlipMasterG64'S tf2 sona created by himself his themes are Banjo-Kazooie Clankers caven His battle theme is Banjo-Kazooie Final battle


he appears to be an engineer wearing a RED Bills hat and wearing a red scout hero acadamy hat and a green colored scarf and white flared frontstier

Behavior and Personality

He is funny but he is actually doing it crazily but this results him being bullied by a few people at school but he dosen't get bullied alot since he is very funny but when hes fighting he takes it seriously and even uses his gunslinger

Powers and Ability

Gunslinger his gunslinger is his hand and he can launch himself to punch people

Gottam moble and copter his Gottam is actually a Gottom mobile or sometimes he is a Gottam copter he uses this to fly fast or drive fast

Revive he can revive himself often

Social Studies Expierence MrFlipMasterG64 is very expierenced at social studies (another name for history) and he likes it alot and he can answer the question fast (except from Social studies questions that he hasn't learned yet)

Faults and Weaknesses

he can get killed in anyway as a normal engi can

He isn't able to revive himself when many people are around but he can only revive when no one is around

His Gottam moble and Gottam Copter don't have fuel since MrFlipMasterG64 is a human but he can get damaged still

MrFlipMasterG64 Is good at math but he isn't expirenced at math because he might get it wrong (except for easy math problems)


Most of MrFlipMasterG64 is based on himself in real life

MrFlipMasterG64 was once a scout until it was changed

MrFlipMasterG64 has changed alot

MrFlipMasterG64 has two personalities

Even Though MrFlipMasterG64 isn't expirenced at math but he is good at social studies and knows alot scince he likes it

his Social studies skill is his only ability that is based on himself in real life

MrFlipMasterG64 in real life isn't expierenced at Math but he is good at easy math questions

Even though some things about MrFlipMasterG64 is based on himself in real life but His creator MrFlipMasterG64 (Himself) isn't gonna give much info about him