Mule Corn Cakes
Creator Dark Omega
Creation March 11, 2014
Debut Mule Corn Cakes Blam's Someone
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Carefree, insane
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Status Alive
Occupation Serial killer
Enemies Painis Cupcake
A BLU Vagineer

Mule Corn Cakes is a RED Engineer Freak who is very similar to Painis Cupcake and SoupCock PorkPie. He was created by Youtube User: Dark Omega.

His theme is the Crash Bandicoot 1 Theme

His rage-theme is the Banjo-Tooie Boss Music: Mingy Jingo Theme

Appearance and Personality

Mule Corn Cakes is a default RED Engineer who carries a Powerjack, if he sees anyone that will be his next victim. He is carefree and driven. He has also made appearances fighting Painis Cupcake.

Powers and Abilities

Mule Corn Cakes has his own Self-Übercharge, like Painis Cupcake does. He also has his very own Blam Hammer which he uses to kill his victims. He also has Enhanced strength, which makes him very strong.

Faults and Weaknesses

Being insane is known to be part of his weaknesses too. Whenever he's in battle he's also prone to fits of fury, thus always putting him at a constant disadvantage in return.

Despite being able to self-übercharge, there are indeed some powers and abilities that can counteract his power, such as Invulnerability Negation, Absolute Strength, Invulnerability Negation, Invulnerability Bypassing, Immunity Bypassing, Absolute Attack, and users of Death Inducement. Like all kinds of Self-Übercharge, his ability is usually of temporary use, until it burns out, leaving him vulnerable to enemy attacks. This can also give certain enemies some ideas to trap him until his Self-Übercharge runs out.

While his strength is moderately powerful, there are some remaining limitations. As such, users of both Supernatural to Absolute Strength are capable of overpowering him. What's more, users of Strength Reduction, Muscle Mass Weakening, Strength Absorption, Muscle Manipulation, and Strength Manipulation are also capable of counteracting his strength by force. Despite having average level strength, he is still susceptible to Newton's Three Laws of Motion, as well as gravity, mass, and balance. Because strength doesn't equal durability, if he lifts anything that exceeds his strength by tons, his bones and joints could cripple and fracture, thus temporarily disabling him until his bones are healed.

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