Creator ToxicHolyGrenade
Creation 1 January 2015
Type Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Malevolent
Fighting style Short to mid-range
Abilities Energy Redirect
Energy Ball
Enhanced Ambassador
Expert Martial Arts
Weaknesses Fragile
Lacking Destructive Attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Enforcer
Allies The Deathsmith of Rune


Nexus is a GRY Spy TF2 Freak created by the YouTube user, ToxicHolyGrenade, later adopted by n8five484. He serves as a subordinate with The Deathsmith of Rune.

His battle theme is Noisuf-X - Fine Line.

Appearance and Personality

Nexus is a regular GRY Spy and he never dons any cosmetics nor hats. He's the only Metahuman who's grey from the rest of The Shadows of the Apocalypse. He remains malevolent and determined at times, whenever it comes to missions, nor battles with various TF2 Freaks. The way he was genetically programmed and occupied, Nexus also serves as a mischievous fighter, despite the use of his Black Hole abilities to suck them into the Void.

Powers and Abilities

Nexus also has expert experience with Martial Arts, with the use of Wing Chun, Kung Fu, and so on.

His weapon however is an Enhanced Ambassador, that fires explosion bullets. Once a bullet impacts something, it will cause a small explosion, which can cause serious damage. The Ambassador is black in colour, without any Christmas decorations added.

Faults and Weaknesses

While the Enhanced Ambassador incredibly strong, those who are immune to explosions or with high durability can withstand them, making Nexus' gun completely useless.

What you'll Need

  • His model can be downloaded; here.
  • For the Enhanced Ambassador, the Sub-Material tool can be downloaded; here.
  • The Tool needed to make Black Holes can be downloaded; here.

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