Nightmarish Heavy
Creator YUMMYPIG2.0
Type Nightmare spirit/demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Evil


Angry (When angered)

Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Necrokenesis


Power Absorbasion

Heat-immunity (demonic form)

Very warm body (demonic form)

Intangabbilety (spiritual form)

Possession (spiritual form)

Weaknesses Power Conjunction

Water (demonic form)

Ice (demonic form)

Physical harm (spiritual form)

Status Varying
Occupation Demon/Spirit
Subordinates DemoSoul's

Witch Spy

The Superior Demoman

The Mann Manor Medic

Enemies King Pyro

Manta Rayper

Nightmarish Heavy is a BLK heavy Tf2 freak created by A Wikia contributor

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