Oh-So Spy
Oh-So Spy
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation June 8,2017
Debut The Oh-So Spy
Type Superhuman
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Sass
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Fist of Fury
Hyper mode
reattachable Limbs
Energy Absorption
Superhuman Durability & Speed
Deady Eternal Reward
Fouth wall breaker
Weaknesses Overconfident
Low Stamina
Status Alive
Occupation Librarian Owner
Superiors Good Freaks
Enemies Evil Freaks

Oh-So Spy is a BLU spy concepted by Kyuubiman3

His theme is The Way - Ali Ali Oh


He appears as a ordinary Beta-styled BLU Spy with a smug look on his face


Oh-So Spy was a kind and friendly to very one near him before the day that a certain Scout and his "minions" influenced him into turning him in their mindless slave but he won't take any orders from idiots that think they're better then everyone else. After he escaped he returned he couldn't let them live after that to bring peace in himself.

Personality and Behaviour

He has a major dislike on freaks that think they're gods and can do whatever they want like kill people's TF2sonas, ruin people's freaks like if they were trash

Even those he has a corrupted mind he's still a good man and caring father to his yet to be seen daughter.

Powers and Abilities

Oh-So Spy is a expert at using his fists to punch really fast in weak yet powerful blows to the gut and head.

Oh-So Spy has reattach able limbs if he loses them he can put them back to his body good as new like nothing happened to it

Oh-So Spy knows and how to use energy adsorption from any form of energy to shoot them back causing a small explosion around were it hit.

He likes to use magical and deadly Enteral Reward that can cut though regular mercenaries and giant robots with ease.

Oh-So Spy is a bit of a fourth wall breaker only when he meets a very bad freak with no character development or is OP that he says to the viewers to "never make freaks like that"

Oh-So Spy has high durability and speed to dodge close ranged attacks and can take a punch from a giant robot and still live

If that's not enough he has hyper mode that act like self-Üder but it only makes him a bit more powerful with his weapo and fist and he'll appears with BLU Üder and YLW crits.

Faults and Weakness

Oh-So Spy is very overconfident In battles that he'll challenge freaks more powerful then him

if Oh-So Spy uses his hyper mode he became very tired in future fights so he needs to regain his strength very often

in addition he's also very arrogant to think that others have no counter to his powers

and if someone found his daughter he surrender and give up if they have his daughter in harms way.


He was corrupted by the influence of Bugerboi's Freaks and his "Friends"

He's a bit hesitant meaning there's still good in him somewhere

And after the event of the Oh-So Spy series he'll be meeting the famous Freak Painis Cupcake.

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