Cp standin final0001
Creator Hellman aka UselessTeam
Creation 12.06.2013
Debut OutlawSoldier
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Evil (before being kicked out)
Neutral Evil (after being kicked out)
Attitude Combative
Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities Summon Bombs
Weaknesses Has weak implantants
Status Alive
Occupation Rebel Drone
Superiors CyborSpy(formerly)
Allies Pinpoint
Enemies CyborSpy

OutlawSoldier is a BLK Soldier TF2 Freak created by Hellman aka UselessTeam.

His theme is CnC Generals Music Metal Remix.


He originated as a regular Soldier Drone of CyborSpy. After he proved himself a lot more useful in combat then the other drones, CyborSpy and his Engineer Drones turned him into an official cyborg. He had undergone serious changes and became a mighty servant. But then as CyborSoldier was getting stronger, CyborSpy made another one that made all other drones be as strong as Outlaw. So, CyborSpy informed OutlawSoldier about the situation, and the Drone was shocked.

Enraged, he attacked his own master, but was defeated. OutlawSoldier was then kicked out of CyborSpy's base, who told him "I am no longer your superior. Go whenever you want to, but not here." OutlawSoldier walked around the freak world, alone and not knowing what to do. He was once punched in the head by CyborHeavy, so OutlawSoldier completely forgot his past and was aimlessly standing in Ghost Fort. Later then he was discovered by SynthetMedic. He offered him a help to recover his past, if OutlawSoldier helps him to conquer the freak world. Outlaw agreed.

Appearence & Personality

He is a BLK biohazard Soldier wearing black colored Tyrant's Helm, Battle Bob and Cross-Com Crash Helmet. He is combative, serious and even nervous sometimes. He was shown to be extremely ruthless to anyone he fights.


He can summon various powerful explosives, such as grenades, stickies, missiles and even bombs. He usually utilizes them by throwing them at his opponent.

Faults and Weaknesses

OutlawSoldier's cybernetic implants were made in a hurry, so they are pretty weak and will short circuit when wet.

Notable Videos

The Soldier Without a Past

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