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Painis Cupcake (Captain Huzans Version)
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Creator Rubberfruit
Creation June 2016
Debut Freak Elimination: Raki Kane meets Painis Cupcake
Type Idiot/Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Lawful Good (Sometimes)

Attitude Carefree, Stupid
Fighting style Short/ Long Range
Abilities Self Uber Charge

Shovel Spit
Rapid Ground Slide

Weaknesses Non Flexible Body

Wont activate Self Uber even when slightly hurt (Unlike Normal Painis)
Uber Duration is shorter than the normal Painis's Ubercharge
High Knockback and slow while in Uber

Status Alive
Occupation Eating
Allies Tonic (Formely)
Enemies Rotten Turnip

Vonguard and Hase

Painis Cupcake is a idiotoc RED Soldier made by user Captain Huzan

Painis Cupcake is made by Rubberfruit

He is the main protagonist of "Adevnture"


Painis Cupcake takes the form of a RED Soldier. The key differences between them are distinct: Painis' eyes are always shown below his default helmet, and while moving he makes shotgun-cocking noises.

Behavior and Personality

Powers and Abilities

Faults and Weaknesses


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