Creator Captain Huzan
Creation June 2017
Debut The Protector Of Coldfront
Type Freak
Alignment Unknown
Attitude Unknown
Fighting style Melee
Abilities "Riot" Mode
Status Active
Occupation Unknown

Patriot is a Red Soldier Freak made by Captain Huzan



Patriot loves cold weather but does love some good old heat also. He fights freaks at any time. He has learned to stay awake at all times without sleep


Patriot doesnt have much of a history other than being the self appointed Protector of Coldfront. His skins is sold from the cold but he has learned how to keep himself healthy.

Powers and Abilitys

  • Patriot has a Nigh invincibility to normal humans/freaks with irregular powers. (Because of living in Coldfront for so many years, training)

Riot: Patriot turns crit like red for 3 seconds, incrasing his speed and damage output in massive ammounts.

Katana: Patriot Weilds a katana that can split into another one. He attaches them to his wrists to make them more effective

Shadow Blade: A air pulse wave that can cut through almost anything


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