Phantasm Spy
2015-10-06 00012
Creator Trytix
Creation 7. October 2015
Type Reality warper
Alignment Lawfull evil
Attitude overconfident,
Fighting style short-mid range (mostly mid range)
Abilities Intangibility
electrified Anti-matter rays
Weaknesses lack in speed
Status Alive
Occupation Leader of S.E.W.
Subordinates Infiltrator Agent
Allies Other Phantasm Councill members
Enemies Freak Protection and Retribution

Phantasm Spy

Phantasm spy is one of 9 powerfull beings and he poseses enourmus power and capabilities.


Phantasm spy appears as a completly blackened Spy


Phantasm Spy is a intelectual being and is often being superior towards the ones he know he can beat.He will act non-carying against stronger foes, to make them think he does'nt see them as a challenge and striking fear in hes victims.


As most Phantasm councill members, Phantasm Spy have a pretty unknown backstory, but its known that he is in possition as leader over the earth headquarter for S.E.W.

Power and abilities

Phantasm Spy is a very strong being and is'nt taken out easily. He posseses powers like intangibility when wanted, and can create omnidirectional spatial waves in a rather small radius. He can also send out consentrated electrified anti-mater rays with destructing capabilities. Phantasm Spy can also become invicible and have shields surounding the body. These shields are invisible, and will become visible when in contact with fast moving objects or projectiles. Theese shields can widtstand moderate damage, and a powerfull attack can possibly break them, even though Phantasm Spy then will go intangible, and the attack will pass straight through.


Phantasm spy is not very fast moving and he can not fly. Since Phantasm spy mostly is made up of dark matter, he is very weak against light. He can not see hidden or invicible freaks. If the shields is taken down, a freak can hitt him with a suprice attack wich will possibly damage Phantasm spy since he would not become intangible.

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