Creator Cheetah1251
Creation TBA
Debut TBA
Type Human
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Musical
Fighting style Variety
Abilities Musical Virtuosity


Status Alive
Occupation Musician
Allies Radioscout


Piiro is a musically influential RED Pyro/Spy Hybrid TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Cheetah1251.

Appearance & Personality

Piiro appears as a RED hybrid of a Pyro and a Spy equipped with the 15 Minutes of Flames set. He is a virtuoso of music, and performs all across the world. Though he mostly performs classic songs, he will also give a go at some newer tunes. He is very musical about things even when they aren't related to music at all. He is a close friend of Radioscout and is supposedly an acquaintance of Wavemouth.

Abilities & Weaknesses

Piiro can play any instrument with professional skill. When trouble is about, he will set up his own little concert in that area and perform. His singing influences foes into not committing evil. However, this effect only lasts for a day at the most. If he feels his music is not loud enough, he will use a bass booster. This causes severe damage to his enemies.

However, aside from his music, he cannot do much in combat, and is about as durable as any regular Pyro or Spy. If someone poses a threat to him, he will use his microphone or instrument as a weapon in self-defense.


  • Piiro is named after the Icelandic band Piilot.

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