"Sorry to Pop-In" -Pop-In respawnable for his actions

Theme is Destroy all humans - Furon Theme


Pop-In at Mann manor


He was a F2P spy intell Private Haircut gave him hats and he becomes a badass spy and trickstabs people better he's now wear his hat with pride his mission is to kill is old boss Mob Boss Heavy to free his best friend BLU Sniper

Appearances and Personality

He's mostly Cocky all the time and Angered very easily towards other Team mates when annoyed he rages towards Tryhards because they make fun of his hats he wears Noh Mercy and Spine-Chilling Skull and ususalily equipped with Big Earner, Enforcer and Dead ringer friendly when drunk or befriended but hey he is good as spy

Power and Abilities

Trickstabs on stairs and hallways

Great aim better then snipers

Has Hand to hand Combat

Master at Knife skills

trickester of teams

Knife storm causes a storm of knifes to fall on people mostly killing them

Faults and Weakness

Has the same durability as spies

he burst into flames for no reason maybe it's his secret weapon

He's too loud for a spy

weak to fire due to being a spy

poor Combat training

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