Private Haircut

He is a RED Demoman that wears Tippler's Tricorne, Bird-man of Aberdeen and A Whiff of the old Brimstone and his weapon of choice is Loose Cannon and Nissie's Nine Iron


Private Haircut Is a RED Demoman he represents a Nice/Expert P2P who wants everyone do there thing and find what there good at in TF2 He's friendly mostly to F2Ps but becomes aggressive towords evil tryhards or jerks but he wants everyone to become his friend even gives out his prize Scumpy to F2Ps and Hoovys He can break the fourth wall to other freaks his job right now is trader, shopkeeper and hotel owner for everyone even Evil freaks his Friend with Robots Giants, a F2P spy now a Pro, a zombie pyro and his old tryhards friends.

Power and Abitilies

He can help F2Ps to become Experts in 12 second when he give them hats

Turns to a F2P Demoman to see who's repectable and friendly to others

Can double Donk his foes without a loose cannon

throws three bottle to trap other mercs from harming others

causes earthquakes with his burp when angered

Boom bears he uses them for Evil freak and Thieving BLU Soldiers

Faults and Weakness

Rarely ever kills people but forgives them leaving him in a surprise attacks

his friendly nature makes him a target to ambushes

Less defends

He will not harm people who wears the gibus or Hoovies so Heavies can attack him

when trading he's left open to attacks

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