Professional Intel Guardian
Creator RileyPivot
Creation July 10th, 2012
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Passive until provoked
Fighting style Close range
Status Alive (RED)
Deceased (BLU)
Occupation Intel Guardian
Enemies Spies

The Professional Intel Guardian is a TF2 Freak created by user RileyPivot There are RED and BLU variants of the Professional Intel Guardian, however, the BLU variant was killed by The Dark Hunter.


The Professional Intel Guardian (Or P.I.G) looks like an average RED Heavy. There also appears to be a BLU variant of the P.I.G, who is exactly the same as the RED varient in terms of personality and behavior.

Behavior and Personality

The P.I.G is almost always seen near or on top of his team's Intelligence. He tends to sit in a single area, rarely moving unless a enemy approaches the intelligence. He tends to be relatively friendly unless one approaches the intelligence.

The P.I.G doesn't seem to want to kill anyone, instead, he wants to just scare them away from the intelligence.

Powers and Abilities

The P.I.G doesn't appear to have any real powers, apart from being able to stretch his head (and possibly his other limbs) long distances extremely quickly. He also seems to be able to monitor the intelligence without having to look over it with his eyes, as he was able to catch a Spy about to steal the intelligence while his back was turned.

Faults and Weaknesses

The P.I.G doesn't have any real faults or weaknesses, except he doesn't seem to move away from his position to chase after an enemy, giving them an extremely good chance of escaping.

Notable Videos

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Meet the Intel Guardian Yet Again (BLU Variant)

Team Fortress 2 - Hunted (BLU Variant, Death)


  • The nickname P.I.G somehow wasn't discovered by the creator of the Freak. Instead, it was found by a user in the comments section.