Project E23 BLARE is a cyborg created by Dethdad123. His objectives, motivation, and past are unknown. His theme song is Nephets Towers from Turok Evolution.

Abilities and weapons

While he would use his fist in most situations E23 has a massive arsenal of rockets, knives, machine guns, and his favorite weapon The type 34 Energy bat. This combined with the power of a genetically enhanced human with the brains of two of the smartest and strongest humans alive. He also has immunity to heat and ice based attacks as he has no true body heat that is needed. He also cannot be damaged by life or death based attacks as he is not alive nor dead.


He only has one true weakness and it cannot kill him. If he is doused in enough water then he will short circuit. Also having two brains causes his mind to fight over which is the dominate one. Thus his mind becomes corrupt if he fights for too long.

Notable videos

Chaotic Heart!! Part 109:52

Chaotic Heart!! Part 1

Project E23 BLARE's theme04:08

Project E23 BLARE's theme

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