2013-12-21 00001
Creator Darth Rhevar
Creation 12/21/13 (Idea created)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Merciless, unflinching
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Increased Durability
Immune to Fire
Immune to Natural Death
Weaknesses Not very Stealthy
Must Sustain Energy for Ubercharge
Easy to Spot due to Glow
Average Speed/Agility
Lacks ranged Attacks
Decapitation is Lethal when not Ubercharged
Status Active
Occupation Serial Killer/Experiment

Pulse is a BLU Pyro TF2 monster created by Darth Rhevar.  He was once a normal Pyro that was experimented on by his fellow Medic in order to find out how to Ubercharge his soldiers like RED team succeeded in but the results weren't what he had hoped for.


After suffering defeat at the hands of RED team, who were now able to Ubercharge their troops, BLU team attempted to accomplish the same thing. The BLU Medic picked their fellow Pyro as the first live specimen in their experiment.

Things went on for days as the Medic hooked the Pyro up to all sorts of machines, mostly connected to his heart, and for the most part, he was unsuccessful. However, the Medic soon figured out that the key was to use a heart that was big and strong enough to withstand the charge and create the ultimate soldier.


Pulse first being born

He operated on the Pyro, switching out his human heart with that of a mega baboon and then charged up the heart. The Pyro was surprisingly able to withstand the beams and flashed blue as the experiment appeared to be a success.  But the Medic didn't stop there, he continued to blast the Pyro with an assortment of Medi-guns, believing it would make him even stronger, and the charge soon coursed through the Pyro's bloodstream.

Once he felt that it was ready, the Medic deactivated the Medi-guns and looked back at the Pyro with glee. The Pyro stared back at him in silent. The Ubercharge seemed to have screwed up his brain to the point where he felt nothing but a blood lust. He brutally mauled the Medic to death and proceeded to murder all of his former team-mates before escaping the base and is wandering around, looking for more victims. He emits the sound of a heart pounding, earning him the name; Pulse.

Powers and Abilities

Pulse has all the powers an Ubercharged person would have, he's immune to bullets, strength is enhanced, and is able to take sheer amounts of physical abuse and still fight like its nothing. Even when his Ubercharged state is taken down, the side effects are no push over. If one were to sever a limb, he'd simply regenerate it.

The Ubercharge that runs in his blood would also act as an acid and if one were to get drenched in his blood after hacking a limb, their chances of survival may be slim. However, if one were to decapitate him, he wouldn't be able to regenerate it and this would be the most sure fire way of killing him. Without his Ubercharge, Pulse is still strong enough to rip apart a human being with his bare hands.

Faults and Weaknesses

While having the abilities of the Ubercharge, Pulse isn't exactly super fast or agile. His speed and agility remain normal to that of a regular Pyro and therefore can lead to one getting in a couple of good hits though chances of them actually hurting him is slim. The sound of his heart beat can also alert would-be victims to his presence and give them an early chance to flee.  He's also more of a melee fighter and lacks any real long-ranged attacks.

The main catch is that his Ubercharge must maintain a constant energy source which is why he will constantly hunt for sources of energy, mainly from a Medi-Gun, to sustain his Ubercharged state.  If one can keep him away from that power long enough for him to return to normal, there is a chance to land a killing blow by decapitating him.  If he is fully charged, his Ubercharge can last up to twelve hours.

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