Punkro is a Red FemPyro Freak by Fancymann


Punkro is a FemPyro with a Hottie's Hoodie, a Scrap Pack, a Hazmat Headcase, Rail Spikes, and a Lunatic's Leathers.

Personality and Behavior

Punkro is mostly your average stereotypical punk, she likes rock and driving motorcycles.However, with stronger freaks roaming around, she likes to steal weapons so she can one day be able to protect herself from stronger monsters.

Weapons and Abilities

Punkro usually carries around a fireaxe, she also has a rocket launcer, a minigun, 2 pistols, a medigun, 3 shotguns, and many other weapons.

Punkro is stronger than normal pyros, and can carry a maximum of 3/2 her own weight.And, along with being a pyro, most of her clothes is flame-retardant.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite her increased strength, Punkro has no other increased capabilities than a normal pyro, witch limits her from being any stronger than stronger freaks.

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